Thursday, 28 March 2013

Blue Ocean Cylinders

I'm not sure about many others but today, in this quaint little town of Melkbosstrand, Cape Town, school holidays begin for us all. But my fellow friends this is far more exciting than the usual holiday because what Easter holidays mean is Jeffrey's Bay! (cue excited screams) At precisely 4:00 am this coming morning my family as well as some lovely friends, will depart on our adventure to land of never ending  ocean barrels and magical waves, it really is brilliant. Supertubes is the most well known of surf spots on this coast and it really is a little paradise I cannot wait to share and experience once again with my lovely friends. So for those of you who are ocean lovers out there, stay posted for some really radical barreling pictures of some epic mind-blowing surfing adventures that are yet to come!

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Creative free-flow

This is one of those posts where all that is going to happen is well nothing, a cyclical passage of words which may or may not impact your life. I'm quite new to the blogger world and I'm not entirely sure of how it all works so I'm not sure if my interpretation fits the criteria but this is my space to be myself despite any conformities expected of me, despite rules, despite responsibilities and despite the creative block that accompanies all of these factors. Here on this blog I simply want to escape and create a free flowing stream of expression, creativity without judgement and a loving environment.
So I have decided that this blog has no specific reason for existing besides that. Here you will find endless inspiring drips and drabs, whether it be how to paint a cat or how to tie a bow it could even simply be this: a passage of writing which I feel I want to be shared and heard, this is a space of freedom simple as that.

The Magical Paper Bird
You're welcome, I'm sure everyone loves making paper creations to fill up their holiday free time as much as I do jeepers!

These are my first two origami birds of the holidays so far, I hope this inspires others to make some lovely creations of their own because even though, I will not lie, these two took me quite a while (i'm technologically challenged when it comes to reading internet instructions) I finished and its such a super dooper kiff* little art to know how to do. Excuse me while I go and fill my room with these paper birds quick stix, cheerio fellas!

*kiff - some local Cape Town talk for all of you meaning cool or rad.

Sunday, 10 March 2013

Day Ten

A Photo A Day:

Day 10: i travel the world.

A Photo-a-day Keeps The Doctor Away

"A photo a day keep the doctor away"

I came across this idea of "Photo A Day" and I think it's just super. it gives you a chance to experience the beauty around you that often goes unnoticed as well us engage yourself in this lovely little world in which we live, so pass this idea on to all your mates and let's spread the photo bug!