Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Wimpy Crisis

So Super Tubes lived up to its expectations, lucky for us! Within the three weeks of being there so much happened and I cannot wait to tell you all about my epic journey about my three week adventure of being out weighed by 9 guys and only 4 ladies. There are some things a person wishes they could un-see after a surf trip such as this one.
Let me begin with the car ride: we depart the lovely land of Melkbosstrand and 4 am, bright and early & all is well while everyone is still fast asleep the trouble comes as breakfast approaches...the time is upon us and we pulled at the garage and made our way to the Wimpy (not sure if you have heard of Wimpy but, its not my favourite eating spot). Finding a table was particularly easy and sure enough we were ready to order. i guess the lack of food had made all the boys a tad exhausted so things were pretty peaceful but this wouldn't last long: the food had arrived.
Within second the volumes exploded and the chaos began. the first incident was the play ground. our table was located right next to the indoor kiddies playroom and before I knew it the guys had made a little friend so to say. they began watching this little red head boy trying to climb up the slide with an endless fail and sure enough he saw them mocking him and this is where the trouble began.
The red head boy went berserk! he started off mild with a little face pulling and a repetitive thumbs down but boy did he waist no time. he soon enough began running up to the window and putting his face against it and calling out names at them and they let this slide for a while as he continued to do this then run back up the slide for about ten minutes. Then my friend Dale decided to get even: when the time was right and the boy was happily retreated up the blue slide, Dale quickly made his way into the play room and in front of the slide. His timing couldn't have been more perfect. As he reached his spot the boy had just gotten off the slide, unaware of Dale's presence but the horror that followed on his face was timeless. The boy turned around only to see this tall guy standing in his way. This little boy got such a fright and shot back at least 2 meters while simultaneously letting out a girly shriek  It was safe to say that this little boy was done menacing with us after that surprise.
And this was before we even reached our destination.

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